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Options and Accessories

Expanding the capabilities and portability of the OROS 3-Series analyzers is easy with the standard or optional hardware.

Wheatstone bridge conditioner

Handles any bridge-based transducers (strain, pressure, load, torque, force...)


  1. Full, ½ and ¼ bridge
  2. Automatic bridge balance (incl. in D-rec)
  3. 120 ± / 350 ± built-in resistors
  4. Continuous 0 to 10 V excitation voltage >>>

Temperature conditioner

Handles thermocouples and RTD transducers.


  1. PT100, PT1000 and J, K, N, E, T, thermocouples
  2. Integrated linearization
  3. Automatic cold junction compensation
  4. Standard flat pin connectors >>>

Mobi-Disk, the removable personal disk

OR36, OR38 and Mobi-Pack™ are offered with a personal removable disk allowing useful sharing of your instrument within a team. >>>


Allows acquiring live parametric data from a car or machine’s CAN bus

  • CAN2a & CAN2b
  • 125 kb/s to 1 Mb/s
  • Rugged Hi-Z probe


Auxiliary Channels

In addition to universal inputs, OROS instruments extend input/output capabilities with auxiliary channels. As a standard, teamwork instruments offer 2 high-speed digitizers and 2 multipurpose outputs:

  • 2 to 6, 6.4 MHz sampling trigger: Edgedetection, Tachometer/keyphasor, Torsional measurement, Angular Sampling
  • 2 to 6 Synchronized generators: High resolution swept sine, Multi-sine, White/Pink Noise, Chirp, Signal playback, All filtered (HP, LP, BP,∑/dt)
  • 2 to 4 parametric DC imputs: 10 S/s ; > 1 mV repeatability

OROS Instruments
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