Rotordynamics & balancing

Achieve turbomachinery vibration diagnostics for relative shaft vibration, using orbit and shaft centerline. Go further balancing shafts whatever they are rigid or flexible.


Turbomachinery train vibration acceptance

. Polar and bode
. 1X & Overall vs RPM
. Scalars tabular list
. Real time operation
. Batch reporting

Turbomachinery train vibration diagnostics

. Full shaft motion: orbit & shaft centerline
. Full spectrum
. Runout correction
. Record and playback
. Portable and rugged

Rubs & rotor instabilities detection

. Diagnostics tools
. Oil whirl, oil whip
. Full spectrum
. Orbit precession direction
. Waterfall

Temporary condition monitoring

. Alarm triggering on multiple sensors
. Time signal recording for further post analysis

Single/Dual plane balancing

. Workshop and production balancing
. Rigid rotors
. Online balancing, trim balancing
. Accurate 1X phase detection

Multiplane balancing

. 1X acquisition vs rotating speed, polar diagram
. Flexible or rigid rotors
. Residual vibration prognostics
. Correction on speed range

OROS recommended solutions package

Turbomachinery vibration

Single/Dual plane Balancing

Multiplane balancing

OROS advantages

Efficient, accurate and secured acquisition

  • Real time
  • Recording and post-analysis
  • Alarm triggering

Flexible diagnostics tools

  • Rotordynamics tools
  • Easy to use for field efficiency
  • Customizable report generation

High end instrumentation

  • 40V inputs for proximity probes acquisition
  • Portable and rugged for the field