Manufacturing and automation

Measuring and optimizing machines and processes quality with noise and vibration analysis

Noise and vibration measurement and analysis solutions for machines tools and micro-electronics equipments. Designed for R&D and production applications.

Structural Dynamics

Damping & Isolation

Experimental Modal Analysis

  • Modal analysis: shaker or impact hammer excitation
  • Machine tools and micro-electronics machines structural dynamics
  •  Spindle/tool holder stiffness
  • Bump test, FRFs & Spectra
  • In-operation measurements

Cutting Tool Optimization

Rotating Analysis

Torsional Analysis

Gear & Transmission Analysis




  • High speed machining optimization
  • On-line test
  • Machining quality check
  • Grinding machines tuning

Machine Tools

  • High speed machining
  • Milling and lathing machines
  • CNC center
  • Grinding machines
  • Robots

Micro-Electronics Equipments

  • Wafer steppers
  • Photolithography machines
  • Workshops floor vibration

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OMA on industrial robots
Noise emission measurement on a concrete block press
Impact testing and damper design to reduce cutting tools vibration

Noise and vibration testing and analysis solutions for manufacturing and automation industries