Condition Monitoring

Monitor, Trend, Trigger, Alarm, Record, Analyze, Diagnostics

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A system able to operate standalone and trigger actions based on defined alarm conditions. No need for the vibration specialist to stay on site waiting for vibration levels to exceed unacceptable limits: the system operates autonomously and can be accessed remotely for further diagnostics.

Main Features

  • Autonomous monitoring based on OROS Teamwork instruments
  • Benefits of all NVGate processing capabilities for triggering, display, post analysis and data management
  • Operates standalone: power cut and restart management
  • From basic to advanced triggering conditions
  • Pre-trigger time domain signal recording
  • Advanced and flexible actions on alarms (emails, external applications, macro)
  • Automatic alert notifications for rapid countermeasures
  • Remote access through internet
  • Benefits of all OROS software suite for further post analysis (ORBIGate, Torsion …)


On the field, noise and vibration levels can often increase rapidly and unexpectedly. In addition, critical machines are often located in remote areas difficult to access. This may happen after a recent installation or heavy maintenance when the machine needs to be carefully monitored for a few months.

OROS Monitoring

OROS proposes portable and rugged instruments that can be operated directly, left onsite under standalone operation and finally accessed remotely: it completes advantageously classical online protection systems that usually offer a limited access to data rich enough to allow a real diagnostic.

All our software solutions are customizable to be integrated in your environment. Please contact our the OROS Customer Care Department and visit the customization services webpage.