Covid-19 // organization adjustments

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As you may know, Covid-19 has reached Europe. In order to combat the epidemic, the French government has imposed temporary rules requiring people to stay at home, with limited exceptions.


OROS has actively implemented a new working organization.


In a few hours, people able to work from home have moved to their new office.
Analyzers, sensors, cables, desktop PCs, screens, etc. have been packed and carried away from OROS premises.
R&D department is now empty…



The manufacturing department is fully operative. Systems can be manufactured.
Working conditions have been adjusted to comply with sanitary regulations and guidelines issued by the government.


Our maintenance centers are all open and fully operative.

Most people are now working from home using remote working techniques and tools. This organization of working practices is extremely efficient. All your contacts are available as usual.



In all locations, all members of the OROS team remain professional and committed to working with you.


Take care of yourselves and your relatives in the coming days.

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