Webinar – Torsion, Twist & Torque: all about the 3 Ts!

Machinery rotors are often suffering from torsional phenomena and the consequences can be dramatic. From instrumentation to analysis discover how to identify and characterize them!

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This webinar is past. It is available as a replay.

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Torsion, Twist & Torque

Torsional vibrations are omnipresent in the industry. In the first part of the webinar, we’ll give a quick overview of the related physical phenomena, such as:

  • Sub synchronous torsional vibrations
  • Coupling and dampers
  • Belt vibration
  • Acyclism
  • Instant speed fluctuations and their analysis
  • Twist & torque

Required instrumentation for torsional measurements

From instrumentation to analysis, how to measure and analyze torsional vibrations? In the second part of the webinar, we’ll focus on the equipment and setup required for an efficient and accurate acquisition:

  • Optical sensors setups and analysis
  • Strain gauge & Telemetry solutions
  • Using the Internal Voltage Converter (IVC) module

The OROS solution: how to combine torsional vibrations characterization with other possible diagnostics

Finally, based on a practical case, we’ll see how to perform torsional measurements using OROS solution.

Benefits from all OROS solutions capabilities and flexibility to perform frequency and time domain analysis, as well as order analysis will be covered.

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About the presenter

Cyrielle REDAELLI is a Mechanical Engineer specialized in Acoustics and Vibration. After working for 7 years in consultancies, she joined OROS Customer Care Department in May 2017 as Application Engineer, where she brings her expertise in various acoustic fields for after-sales and pre-sales actions. She supports and provides trainings to OROS users for the whole solution range.

About the presenter

Yannick BALTER joined OROS in 2006 as a support engineer. He is now in charge of service and support department for our distribution networks and customers. During these years he had many opportunities to work onsite close to our users in various application including torsion purpose.