Noise and Vibration Analysis - Test & Measurement Solutions                                  

Multichannel Analyzers

2-32 ch, Made for the Field, Flexible, Accurate >>>>




Flexible Connection


Any Transducers




A Professional Team at your Service

The Customer Care department and the global accredited maintenance centers are in close proximity with you, reducing maintenance downtime.


Software Platform

Recorder, FFT, Time Domain Analysis, Monitoring >>>


Rotating Analysis

Order Tracking Analysis, Turbomachinery, Torsion, Balancing >>>


Structural Dynamics Analysis

Operation Deflection Shape, Modal Analysis, FRF >>>


Acoustics Analysis

1/n Octave, Overall Acoustics, Sound Power / Intensity / Quality, Acoustical Holography >>>


Breaking News
OROS recruits

OROS recruits

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Breaking News
Fan Noise 2018

Fan Noise 2018

April 18-20, Darmstadt, Germany

  • MSE 2018 - Exhibition & Thematic Presentation

    MSE 2018 - Exhibition & Thematic Presentation

  • OROS recruits

    OROS recruits

  • Fan Noise 2018

    Fan Noise 2018

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