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OROS Brochures

Aerospace, pdf, 1,72 Mo
Automotive, pdf, 1,5 Mo
Energy and Process, pdf, 1,66 Mo
Manufacturing and Automation, pdf, 1,26 Mo
Marine, pdf, 1,79 Mo

OROS Range, pdf, 4,33 Mo


The following OROS marketing library is available on myOROS.com once logged in. Please create an account to access this documentation.

OROS Datasheets


OR34 Instrument Specifications, Sept 17, pdf, 962,77 Ko
OR35-OR36-OR38 Teamwork Instruments Specifications, June 2016, pdf, 1,05 Mo
OROS Mobi-Pack, Nov 2013, pdf, 610,69 Ko
Data Recorder with OROS 3-Series Analyzers, Nov 2013, pdf, 458,77 Ko


CAN bus Interface / Data Acquisition, Nov 2012, pdf, 651,04 Ko
OROS Universal Inputs for OR36 and OR38, Sept 15, pdf, 878,07 Ko
Tachometer Solutions, Sept 15, pdf, 1,09 Mo

Software Modules

Advanced Swept Sine, the Servo Analysis Module, June 2012, pdf, 582,54 Ko
Balancing Solutions, Nov 2013, pdf, 528,54 Ko
EngineDiag, the Reciprocating Machines Diagnostics Module, pdf, 1,40 Mo
Acoustical Holography, June 2017, pdf, 973,49 Ko
Modal, the Structural Dynamics Module, June 2016, pdf, 921,99 Ko
ORBIGate, the Turbomachinery Vibration Solution, Feb 2014, pdf, 718,24 Ko
Sound Intensity [Sound Power and Localization Software Module], April 2017, pdf, 1,10 Mo
Sound Power, April 2017, pdf, 778,09 Ko
Sound Quality, June 2016, pdf, 875,06 Ko

NVGate® and plug-ins

NVGate® software platform for OROS 3-Series multi-analyzers technical specifications, May 2015, pdf, 1,19 Mo
NVDrive® & MatDrive® - OROS NVGate® toolkits, pdf, 2,64 Mo
Overall Acoustic - OVA plug-in for OROS 3-Series/NVGate® analyzers, Nov 2012, pdf, 734,43 Ko
SOA plug-in for OROS 3-Series/NVGate® analyzers, Nov 2012, pdf, 899,52 Ko
Spectral Diagnostic Toolset, FFTDiag plug-in, Sept 15, pdf, 821,77 Ko
Time Domain Analysis (TDA) for NVGate®, Aug 2012, pdf, 1,36 Mo
Torsion, the Torsional Vibration Measurement Module, May 2015, pdf, 826,05 Ko
Virtual Inputs for OROS 3-Series/NVGate® analyzers, pdf, 1,88 Mo

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