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HP/Agilent/Keysight 35670A replacement

Looking for a replacement of your HP/Agilent/Keysight 35670A instrument?

Many of these legendary late-1990’s Dynamic Signal Analyzers (DSA) are still used for both laboratory and in-the-field noise & vibration testing and troubleshooting. Despite its versatility and field capabilities the 35670A DSA now suffers from an obsolete level of performance and a sub-optimal size/weight ratio. Nevertheless, there is still a requirement for the applications that this instrument and software are used for.



Today, OROS noise and vibration testing systems offer an updated version of analyzers of this kind with the Teamwork range:


  1. Increased number of channels: from 4 to 32
  2. 10 times lighter, 12 times smaller, same price
  3. Increased real-time capability: from 25.6 kHz/ch to 102.4 kHz/ch
  4. Multi-analysis with simultaneous recording + FFT+ 1/n octave + order tracking
  5. Dramatic dynamic improvement from 90 dB to 140 dB with 24-bit ADC
  6. Cascadable units without performance loss
  7. Built-in battery offering 3h operation without mains supply
  8. Embedded SSD from 64 to 512 GB
  9. PC-Based software suite with Microsoft office reports, data management, multi-layout graphics
  10. Independent dongle-based software for post-processing on PC
  11. Versatile connection to PC with both Gb/s Ethernet and Wi-Fi
  12. Enhanced inputs: ±40 V range, ±0.01 dB amplitude match, ±0.02° phase match



OROS Dynamic Signal Analyzers improve the keys features for which the 35670A was renowned:


  1. Synchronous averaging in both time and angle domains with 1/32 sample adjustment
  2. Applicative markers (Harmonics, side band, power band) on both time and spectral graphs
  3. Coupled (double) cursors to track points in multiple display
  4. High accuracy oversampled trigger/tach inputs with 152 ns resolution
  5. Large capacity waterfall and tracking profile up to 100,000 points per result
  6. Full generator functions from white noise to swept sine, multiple outputs
  7. Time domain analysis with 3 different time bases from 350 ms to 27 hours. All channels simultaneously
  8. Multi FFT analysis, with 25,600 lines, complete cross-function matrix
  9. Real-time synchronous order tracking using the same resampling technique, now with a span of up to order 800, a resolution down to 1/32 in each order and up to 8 tracked orders/ch.
  10. Advanced slice cursors and extractions from the spectral and order maps.
  11. Real-time octave analysis with resolution extended to 1/24 up to 40 kHz/ch
  12. Complete rotor dynamic software with orbits, shaft center line, tracking grid, profiles and full spectrum



With OROS Teamwork software, you maintain compatibility with your previous measurements thanks to .SDF and .UFF import/export filters. Existing test bench installations can be updated with OROS units using NVDrive, the complete control/command TCP/IP-based API.

The OROS software suite significantly increases the number of applications that were covered by the HP/Agilent/Keysight units with:


  1. Troubleshooting diagnostics toolset
  2. Reciprocating machinery diagnostics
  3. Torsion, twist and angular resampling
  4. Rigid/flexible multiplane balancing
  5. Operating Deflection Shape (ODS)
  6. OMA and EMA Broadband modal analysis
  7. Advanced Swept Sine
  8. Multi-channel sound level meter
  9. Sound Power
  10. Sound Intensity
  11. Sound Mapping and Source Localization
  12. Sound Quality
  13. Near Acoustic Holography
  14. Advanced Transfer Path Analysis

Swap to OROS Teamwork instruments and regain 100% of the HP35670A features in a modern instrument with hundreds of additional ones for handling today’s world of noise and vibration testing.

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