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Teamwork Instruments

Same platform, same technology, same software

OROS designs and manufactures portable, rugged and real-time Noise and Vibration Analyzers with efficient software solutions for all your tests and measurements. The OROS sound analyzers and vibration instruments are designed for laboratory, in the field and test cells uses.

Multi-channel analyzers

From 2 to 32 channels, our rugged, portable and real-time instruments are made to ensure your measurements success >>>

Flexible Connection

Whatever the situation, analyzers can be distributed or operated remotly to provide the best flexibility on the field >>>

Stand Alone Recorder

D-rec offers a unique technology for stand-alone digital data recording measurements. It is the best way to replace old DAT recorders. >>>

Handling any transducers

Designed to handle numerous transducer types. A unique OROS feature: plug and play signal conditioning >>>

Performance & Reliability

Designed to be the best for field operations, the OROS 3-Series instruments offer the capability of advanced laboratory instruments in a rugged and portable package that takes any measurement situation in its stride >>>

Options and Accessories

Expanding the capabilities and portability of the OROS 3-Series analyzers is easy with the standard or optional hardware >>>


Flexible Connection    

  • Mobile Analyzer
  • Distributed Configuration
  • Remote Access
  • Large Channel Count Systems


  • PC Free Recorder
  • Online & Post Analysis
  • Multianalysis
  • Handling Any Transducers

Made for the Field

  • Portable
  • Rugged
  • Real-Time
  • Multichannel


  • DSP-based
  • 24 Bit – 40 kHz
  • ± 40V input range
  • Accurate: ±0.02 dB / ±0.02°

OROS Instruments
Made for the Field, Flexible, Accurate

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