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OR35 10 channels modular Teamwork noise and vibration analyzer


Designed to boost your efficiency, OR35 is the synthesis of the ultimate OROS Teamwork technology and OROS’ wealth of experience of measurement. It is the cornerstone for measurement departments, test centers and service teams.


Teamwork Technology

Based on a range of modular instruments, from 4 to 32 channels, the Teamwork technology enables to cascade or distribute the analyzers to measure up to 1000 channels. Instruments, conditioners and software licenses are exchangeable and flexible. Data are also easy to share thanks to the native technology.

Main Features

  • 40 kHz Real-time multi-analyzer, recorder
  • 8 universal inputs AC/DC/Float/ICP/TEDS
  • 2 Ext synch (tachs)  // +2 dynamic inputs
  • Mix & match instruments or conditioners
  • 24 bits, 130 dB, ±40 V inputs
  • 2 multi-purpose generators
  • Cascadable units, up to 1000 channels
  • Wi-Fi, 1Gb/s LAN, WAN connection to PC
  • CAN bus,  XPod conditioners’ slot
  • Long life battery + 2 battery XPod slot
  • 1 or 2 ForceDSPs, on-board 64 GB solid state disk
  • Stand-alone recorder, LCD control panel
  • Easy to carry 2.9 kg, fit 13” PC
  • Natural replacement of HP/Agilent/Keysight 35670A

Flexibility at each level

Whatever is the activity, R&D, acceptance or diagnostics, OR35 Teamwork provides the right answer to each level of the company taking any measurement configuration in its stride. It is so easy to mix and match these instruments (analyzers, conditioners and software licenses) that you will adopt it as a personal analyzer as well as instruments' fleet.


Portable real-time analyzer 

OR35 is the most flexible and modular 10 channels multi-analyzer available. Ideal for mixing laboratory, on-board and field measurement, this analyzer features long autonomy, portability, ruggedness and continuous accuracy.

8+2 channel-count

The unique 8+2 channel-count combines high-speed tach and standard inputs offering larger applications coverage than regular 8 channels units.

Cascadable and distributed


OROS analyzers allow distributed and/or large channel acquisition by using instruments together. Multiple systems are controlled from a single PC running NVGate, the OROS noise and vibration software platform, taking advantage of on-board DSP processing and storage ability. Such configurations go up to 1000 channels. The ability to distribute the instruments along large structures up to hundreds of channels optimizes your everyday work while dramatically reducing cable headaches

Smart front-end


OR35 comes with universal inputs as a standard offering an unrivalled front-end flexibility. Any input is able to acquire dynamic transducers’ signals (accelerometers, microphones, prox probes, impact hammers) or parametric data (temperature, static torque, pressure).
Each input can be redirected to the Xpod, the plug and play signal conditioning (strain gauges, temperature). 
CAN bus probe allows acquiring live parametric data from a car or machine’s CAN bus.

Download the OR35 Teamwork flyer (pdf)


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