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OR36, 16 channel Teamwork Multianalyzer Recorder


Up to 16 channels, OR36 is a synthesis of components usually used separately for measurements: analyzer, recorder, conditioners in a single portable instrument.
With a comfortable computing power and its built-in Mobi-Disk, OR36 faces any measurement situation. It offers the capability of an advanced laboratory instrument in a modular, rugged and portable package.


Teamwork Technology

Based on a range of modular instruments, from 4 to 32 channels, the Teamwork technology enables to cascade or distribute the analyzers to measure up to 1000 channels. Instruments, conditioners and software licenses are exchangeable and flexible. Data are also easy to share thanks to the native technology.

Main Features

  1. Rugged 4 to 16 channels chassis
  2. Portable: 5.2 kg (11.4 lbs)
  3. Up to 40 kHz and 25.6 kHz bandwidths
  4. 4, 8, 12 or 16 universal inputs
    1. ± 40 V range, 24 bits
    2. Dynamic: AC/DC/ICP®/Float/TEDS
    3. Parametric: 10 S/s 50 Hz and 60 Hz rejection
  5. Support expander modules (Xpod) for strain gauges and thermocouples
  6. 2 to 6 triggers/tachometers - 2 to 6 generator outputs
  7. 1 Gb/s Ethernet PC connection, LAN, WAN and wireless
  8. AC/DC power supply + internal battery
  9. 1 to 4 real-time computation ForceDSPs
  10. Stand alone recorder (D-rec) with removable 128 GB SSD

High-End Real-time Recorder-Analyzer


The right results at the right time: OR36 integrates real-time DSPs. This local computation guarantees valuable live results for all your applications, even the most demanding ones.

The PC interface gives access to instrument setup and to a wide range of noise and vibration analyses and dedicated applications. Post-processing and results analysis can be processed without the analyzer unit.


Industry proof instrument

Part of the 3-Series analyzers, OR36 is designed to provide stable results whatever the environment. Rugged, portable and real-time, OR36 speeds up and guarantees your day-to-day measurements. This analyzer/recorder has been selected by hundreds of users for noise and vibration measurements on industrial machinery.

Direct Recording with Removable Disk

OR36 offers flexible recording capabilities with its Mobi-Disk™ and its integrated D-rec control panel.

Instrument recording modes:

  1. Monitor: control your recorded signals and spectra through the Ethernet port
  2. Back-up: save your time data continuously with real-time analyses
  3. Stand-alone: using the control panel, set up and record without PC

Dual ports removable disk:

  1. Personal data storage: keep your data with you while sharing the instrument with your colleagues
  2. High performances: reinforced (SSD), large capacity (128 to 512 GB), high throughput (40 channels @ 40 kHz)
  3. Direct post-analysis on your PC with USB 3.0


Modular Front-End Data Acquisition


OR36 comes with universal inputs as a standard offering an unrivalled front-end flexibility. Any input is able to acquire dynamic transducers’ signals (accelerometers, microphones, prox probes, impact hammers) or parametric data (temperature, static torque, pressure).

Each input can be redirected to the Xpod (expander module) for conditioning (strain gauges, temperature). The Xpods are hanged to the analyzer in a portable, rugged and integrated instrument.

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