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Stand-alone recorder


D-rec, direct recording, offers a unique technology for stand-alone digital data recording measurements. It is the best way to replace old DAT recorders.

Main Features

  1. 100% PC or PDA free
  2. Secured data recording
  3. Bright LCD and large buttons
  4. Compatible with CAN, Xpod, universal inputs
  5. Removable storage disks (HDD or SSD)

PC Free recorder

The unique front-panel with its bright LCD and accessible buttons offers freedom of direct setup, without a PC or a tablet.It is easy
to select inputs, modify front-end settings (coupling, range, etc...) or change the bandwidths. Up to 12 user-defi ned recording configurations can be saved in the instrument.


They can be loaded either from the control panel or automatically (routed acquisition).

  • 100% PC or tablet free
  • Secured data recording
  • Bright LCD and large buttons
  • Compatible with CAN, Xpod, universal inputs
  • Removable storage disks (SSD): more flexible, rugged and much faster!

Personal removable disk: Mobi-Disk

The Mobi-Disk is the local storage device for OR36, OR38 and Mobi-Pack. This removable device enables each engineer to keep its own raw data. 
Connected to the PC through the USB port it allows fast and easy post-processing or back-up. 
> 128 to 512 GB shock proof SSD
> Dual port (USB 3.0 & analyzer slot)
> High throughput (32 ch x 102.4 kS/s)

OROS Instruments
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