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Handling any transducers

OROS 3-Series analyzers are designed to handle numerous transducer types without shifting gears.

OROS 3-Series analyzers are designed to handle numerous transducer types with no hassle. Inputs are compatible with: 
ICP® accelerometer, force sensor & , microphone and pressure (2 or 4 mA)
Proximity probe & keyphasor with ±40 V range
Temperature, Torque, Power… parameters with universal dynamic + parametric inputs



Accelerometers & velocity sensors

  1. ICP®, TEDS, (2 or 4 mA)
  2. Integrator, double integrator and differentiation  filters
  3. dt, dt² & dx/dt filters

Selection from our partners: piezoelectrics with integrated electronics, capacitive, single-axial, tri-axial.

Impact hammers & force sensors

Peak autorange, ICP®,TEDS
For structural dynamics analysis



A wide range of microphones from our partners: free-field, pressure-field...

Sound intensity probes

ICP®, remote control, ...
Phased-match microphones pairs, all accessories availaible (windscreen, extension cables, handle, carrying case, ...)

Rotating speed sensors

  1. 1 pulse/rev signals: RPM and Phase sensor
  2. Multiple pulse/rev signals: Torsion, Torque & Twist sensor >>>

Proximity probes

Up to 40 V inputs range, AC/DC coupling, direct connection to the buffered outputs.
Several diameters and sensitivities available.

Wheatstone bridge conditioner

Handles any bridge-based transducers (strain, pressure, load, torque, force...)


  1. Full, ½ and ¼ bridge
  2. Automatic bridge balance (incl. in D-rec)
  3. 120 ± / 350 ± built-in resistors
  4. Continuous 0 to 10 V excitation voltage >>>

Temperature conditioner

Handles thermocouples and RTD transducers.


  1. PT100, PT1000 and J, K, N, E, T
  2. Integrated linearization
  3. Automatic cold junction compensation
  4. Standard flat pin connectors >>>


  • CAN2a & CAN2b
  • 125 kb/s to 1 Mb/s
  • Rugged Hi-Z probe

Connection to the CAN bus allows collecting parametric data (Time, RPM, Torque, Temp, Throttle value, etc..) from vehicles or components that complete measurements.


Please contact your local reseller to know the best offer in sensors and accessories in your location.

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