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Distributed Configuration: Cascade

The Teamwork technology enables to cascade or distribute the analyzers to measure up to 1000 channels.


OROS analyzers allow distributed and/or large channel acquisition by using instruments together. Multiple systems are controlled from a single PC running NVGate software which takes advantage of on-board DSP processing and storage ability.

Main Features

  1. One software interfacefor 1 to n hardware together
  2. Local processing and storage increase with additional units
  3. Distributed channels along all units (Tachs, Ref. channels, Events)
  4. Daisy chainup to 100 m between units, 15+ units, 1000+ channels, switchless
  5. Cross phase between units <+/-0.2°@51.2 kS/s

OROS Instruments
Made for the Field, Flexible, Accurate

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