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Modal Analysis and ODS (Operating Deflection Shapes)

Now an affordable modal software providing a comprehensive package for modal test, for modal experts as well as novice engineers. The OROS Modal software is designed for modal analysis, structural dynamics and operating deflection shapes (ODS vibration).


Modal analysis is a powerful technique for understanding structures behavior to validate simulation results, mechanical designs and maintenance. Discover Modal, an application oriented software associating the latest algorithms with a user friendly interface and automatic procedures.
Modal is highly integrated with the OROS Analyzers range, rough, rugged and portable, designed for the field. All the OROS expertise and innovation is directed to bring the best in noise and vibration analysis.

Main Features

  1. Geometry Building
  2. Direct acquisition & Signal processing
  3. Operating Deflection Shape (ODS)
  4. Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA)
  5. Operational Modal Analysis (OMA)
  6. Validation

Dedicated acquisition interface

Define the test setup in few clicks whatever the excitation: sequence, transducer definition, measurement and trigger parameters, interactive display, control panel.

Geometry Building

Interactive interface to create, modify, assemble standard elements or complex structure with global and local coordinate systems. Import from external software in universal file format.

Direct acquisition and Signal processing

Dedicated interface for modal with impact hammer acquisition, shakers or under operational conditions to obtain:

  • FRF H1, FRF H2 for EMA
  • Power Spectral Density, Half Power Spectral Density for OMA

Broadband method for EMA & OMA

With a clear stability diagram identify all the modes in the full frequency band at one time with high accuracy.

Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA)

Using an impact hammer or shaker(s), several identification methods allow one to determine modal parameters: frequency, damping and mode shape. Users can perform Single Input/Multiple Output (SIMO) method for a first approach and Multiple Input/Multiple Output (MIMO) techniques to make a more thorough analysis.

Operational Modal Analysis (OMA)

OMA is a very interesting technique for large structures or test items that are not easily excitable (e.g., civil infrastructures). With this method, modal parameters can be estimated without a known, controllable excitation signal.

Operating Deflection Shape (ODS)

ODS is a great tool to visualize dynamically the vibration deflection shape of mechanical components during their normal operation.

It offers rapid visual feedback on the deformation of a structure in both time and frequency domain.

Automatic procedures

The intuitive interface will guide you through the different steps of a complete modal analysis. Associating expertise and easy-to-use methods, Modal guarantees pertinent results in a minimum of time.

Opening and compatibility

The Modal import/export capabilities facilitate its integration in various test environments. It’s also a good complementary tool to Finite Elements software for model updating. 
For example, Modal is compatible with FEMtools from Dynamic Design Solution, specialist software for:

  • Structural static and dynamics simulation,
  • Validation and updating of FE models for structural analysis,
  • Design optimization.

Application-oriented for your Efficiency

Development & Optimization

Development departments always seek for the best quality and performances and try to minimize the costs of production and maintenance. A comprehensive set of tools is necessary to take up this challenge, especially compatible simulation and experimental software.  Modal offers up-to-date algorithms for Experimental Modal Analysis implemented in an open interface.

Field Acceptance Tests

The installation of a machine in the field is often a critical step. The structural behavior can be modified due essentially to the coupling with the foundation.
The Operating Deflection Shape of the assembly foundation-machine gives pertinent information on the coupling under operational conditions. The Modal solution composed of robust and rough analyzers and Modal answers completely to the constrains of this environment. 
ORBIGate, the OROS dedicated software for rotating measurements, completes the required test panel for field acceptance.

Troubleshooting & Diagnostic


Diversity and complementarity of field oriented OROS products’ range are great advantages to detect vibrations level, main cause of damage on machinery. Modal provides direct acquisition and powerful Operating Deflection Shape to iden


tify high structural coupling with the machinery and its foundation.

Regarding high excitation due to unbalance, misalignment or instabilities, ORBIGateBalancing, or NVGate will help the user in his diagnostic.





Dedicated to your Demanding World

Energy & Process

Energy producers have to keep their installations highly efficient and operational. Vibrations are one of the key metrics to monitor their health and proceed to their maintenance. Structural analysis is necessary to detect and locate default on the machinery.

Industrial Machinery

Maintenance operations are generally costly in terms of productivity and spare parts. The number of such operations must be minimized and the downtime optimized. Modal, thanks to its intuitive interface, automatic procedures and the quality of its techniques is the perfect partner for all structural tests.


Aerospace & Defense

It is very important to characterize the structure and its components for design optimization and validation. Modal analysis brings important information on the global structure as well as on local parts.


Simulation takes an important part of the automotive research and development. But experimental tests are always necessary to close up reality. Modal with its automatic procedure allows to carry out comprehensive modal test very fast.

OROS Software
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