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Advanced Swept Sine


Advanced Swept Sine is a measuring instrument that allows to determine Transfer Function or Frequency Response Function that are commonly used in various industries for Servo control, Structure, Acoustics, Electronics or Accelerometers calibration.

Main Features

  1. High precision and very low noise frequency response function determination
  2. High frequency resolution: continuous sweep up to 80,000 points
  3. Pure tone excitation
  4. Frequency range from 0.01 Hz to 40 kHz, in 1 to 8 independent spans
  5. Automatic control of the generator output level to get constant level either at input or output system under test
  6. User defined level/frequency template
  7. Boosted mode to speed up the measurement
  8. Display Frequency Response, Coherence, Spectrum
  9. Bode and Nyquist plots
  10. Export to Excel, Matlab and others

Frequency Response Determination

Frequency Response determination is commonly used in various industries for:

  • Servo Control: steppers, machine tools, guiding systems
  • Structure: accurate FRF for modal acquisition with excellent mode separation and non linear structure
  • Acoustics: absorption materials, audio systems
  • Electronics: filters, amplifiers
  • Accelerometers calibration

The challenges for determining the Frequency Response are the frequency resolution, an excitation level control (control of the energy transferred to the system, enough for getting a good signal/noise ratio, but not too much for avoiding non-linear phenomena) and speed of the measurement.
A2S gives the most adapted answer to these requests, and compared to the standard functions included in a FFT analyzer, A2S dramatically overpasses the capabilities of a random or swept sine excitation coupled with a peak hold FFT.

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