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Sound Pressure Level Measurement for Sound Power Determination


The Sound Power software module is offered by OROS for Industrial Acoustics applications. This Solution allows the user to measure Sound Power based on the sound pressure levels at microphone positions around a source under test. Thus, the Sound Power Solution is complementary of the Sound Intensity Solution that is based on the measurement of the sound intensity as recommended by ISO 9614.

Task Dedicated Interface


The Sound Power software provides sound power determination in free field environments. It is ideal for test bench: indoor (laboratory anechoic environments) or outdoor.


  • Fulfills main international standards for free field environments: ISO 374x
  • Dedicated interface for easy and repeatable operation
  • All microphone positions measured at once
  • Overall and Spectra real-time display
  • Type-1 precision results in dBA
  • Direct Sound Power determination
  • Automatic standard validity check
  • Background and environmental corrections
  • Repeatability and directivity checks
  • Test report with Microsoft Excel
  • User friendly Set Up browser
  • Measurement panel for easy and repeated operation
  • Easy and flexible report customization
  • Advanced analysis tools for R&D studies


A Performant tool

Sound Power Test reports can be customized and are automatically generated using Microsoft Excel. Based on OROS Analyzers, Sound Power can be measured acquiring all microphone positions at once allowing a single run of the source. Up to 32 microphone channels can be recorded in realtime with a type 1 precision. This allows the user to be flexible, efficient and confident in the data acquired for any type of test bench configurations.

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