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Sound Intensity Measurement for Sound Power Determination


The Sound Intensity Solution is part of the software modules offered by OROS for Industrial Acoustic applications. Sound Intensity is a flexible experimental technique that allows to obtain a large number of information on the sound pattern emitted from a source such as Sound Power or Noise Source localization.

Main Features

  1. Narrow band, octave, and 1/3 octave representation
  2. Guided acquisition procedure
  3. Sound power measurement: guided procedure following ISO9614 - 1&2
  4. Easy and flexible generation of complex and multiple surfaces
  5. Classical exploded 2D & advanced 3D graphics sound mapping
  6. Intensity, Pressure and Spectra selectable by segments
  7. Multi-frequency views
  8. Transducer Database

Sound Power Determination


The Sound Intensity software provides Sound Power determination following the point-by-point testing (ISO9614-1) or the scanning procedure (ISO9614-2). It is ideal for tests in the field.


  • Real time sound intensity spectrum
  • Provide guidance for complying with ISO 9614 - 1&2
  • Field criteria and indicators calculation
  • Automatic sound power report
  • Calibration module for phase calibration and pressure-residual intensity index.
  • Probe remote control management




Sound Mapping and Source Localization

  • 2D & 3D sound intensity mapping
  • Levels & Spectra selectable by segment
  • Narrow band, octave, and 1/3 octave
  • Guided acquisition procedure
  • Multiple measurement surfaces creation
  • Multifrequency views
  • Probe remote control management
  • Picture overlay

Application-oriented for your Efficiency



Based on OROS portable analyzers, the Sound Intensity software module is perfectly adapted for field measurements as often organized during machinery fault diagnosis and troubleshooting.



Furthermore, the 3D or exploded 2D sound maps make of the Sound Intensity an efficient tool for locating sources as it is also of common practice in R&D laboratories when trying to reduce sound emission from noise sources.



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