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NVGate, the Teamwork Instruments Interface

NVGate, the software platform is the cornerstone for all measurement tasks. It hosts the suite of OROS software modules. Whatever the application and software module, it allows you working in a coherent and continuous environment. 

Standard Modules

Save Your Signal

The Recorder captures raw, time-domain data during your acquisition and analysis process. Designed for reliability and fidelity, saved signals may be used for postprocessing, export or as an archive.

Extract Any Spectral Signature

The FFT software module provides all the necessary functions for spectral analyses. From spectra to FRFs with advanced averaging methods and various resolutions and bandwidths, it provides standard and advanced frequency analysis tools. 


Control Your Acquisitions

The Monitor software module brings 4 additional analysis channels (time and spectral domain) free running on a dedicated DSP. Similarly the TDA (Time Domain Analysis) software module delivers crystal-clear time pluriel, as well as statistics (RMS, DC, Pk-Pk) of the acquired signal. All the tolls for vibration data acquisition.


Track Your Results Along Any Parameter

The Waterfall stacks your spectra, levels, orders and trigger blocks providing fl exible 3D waterfall and powerful profi les. Color-spectrogram, Bode plots, order tracking trend plots, all that Vs time, RPM, Power or Torque.


Diagnostic Indicators

The raw signals from transducers contain rich information about the measured type of noise and vibration. The TDA software module is the first step of any diagnostics (instrumentation or machine) providing real-time indicators which characterize the signal content (shocks, power, impulsiveness, etc…) >>>

Intuitive Tools

Analyze and Compare Your Measurements and Analyses

  • Various markers & cursors (linked between graphs & windows)
  • Math between channels on time, angular, spectral and order domain
  • Overlay reference results with live measurements
  • Mask editor and alarms

Create Your Own Interface

  • Drag, drop and rename any settings in the control panel
  • Macros and Excel based sequences allows automating recurrent tasks


Manage Your Tests: Dataset Management

  • Models’ database provides repeatable predefined setups
  • Projects manager saves your data, corresponding setup and qualified meta-data
  • Calibration suite
  • Filters, properties, data mining, meta-data and exchange features embedded in the existing project management

Broadcast Your Results

  • Instant reports to Word/Excel
  • Automated company-defined reports for personalized communication
  • Multiple import/export formats

For your usages

Multidomain Analysis

  • Multiple bandwidth and sampling
  • True multianalysis: time, order, spectra, recording
  • Gap free analysis : 100% real-time


Flexible Software Licensing

  • Additional post-processing/report license included
  • 1 to n Analyzer = distributed software modules
  • Company level licensing


Open and Customizable Platform

  • Database: results ‘access toolkits
  • Automation: sequencer, macros, control panel
  • 3rd party software: import/export, NVDrive, MATLAB® toolkits
    > Import/Export in .uff, .txt, .mat, .wav, .sdf, .atfx
    > Compatibility: FAMOS, ME’scope, GlyphWorks, DynaWorks®, DynamX®

Software Suite

Vision: the ergonomic task-oriented interface

The Vision interface gathers the analyzers' functionalities into simple, clear and easy to identify ribbons. Vision efficiently organizes the instrument's uses, providing task-oriented environments: quick start, measuring, results edition, setup, task automation, post-processing, reporting...
Featuring explicit identification of the setting, this modern and ergonomic interface reduces dramatically time-to-result of the OROS analyzers.


OROS Software
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