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Rotating Analysis

OROS provides all the tools for rotating machinery diagnostics.
OROS enables rotating machinery measurement , with noise and vibration tests and analysis solutions.

From Acceptance Tests to Diagnostics

Whatever the machine type: a high speed turbine, a compressor, a transmission or a slow speed engine, OROS analyzers provide all the tools for rotating diagnostic and analysis, relying on rotating machinery testing.

Synchronous Order Analysis

Signals are resampled with a dedicated tachometer input to be converted to the order domain. Then the plug-in extracts complex orders (phase and amplitude) >>>

Constant Band Tracking

Gearboxes generate modulated and buried noise and vibrations orders, which are not easy to extract >>>

Order Diagnostics Toolset

The SOADiag software module provides innovative functions to track vibrations conducted/generated by the transmissions. This toolset allows rejecting the natural frequencies from the structure focusing on the ones propagated by gears, belts and shafts >>>

Turbomachinery  Vibration: ORBIGate

Orbit, gap, Bode, polar, half and full spectrum, run-out: all the tools for turbomachinery vibration measurements with a dedicated user interface >>>

Reciprocating Machines Diagnostics, EngineDiag

Dedicated tool to analyze vibration on reciprocating machines (engines, reciprocating compressors, piston pumps) integrating the machines' kinematics...

Torsion & Twist

An Integrated Frequency to Voltage converter.
The Instantaneous angular Velocity Converter (IVC) provides instantaneous angular velocity signal >>>

Single, Dual & Multiplane Balancing

Dedicated to balancing, the module assists the user from the acquisition of the 1X (amplitude/phase) to the positioning of the correction masses: from the single/dual plane applications (rigid rotor) to the multiplane applications (flexible rotors) >>>

Spectral Diagnostics Toolset

Going further in the diagnostic, the FFDiag software module provides a complete suite of diagnostic oriented functions. This toolset is adapted to steady state low speed variation machines >>>

Torsional on a diesel engine
Danielson engineering, France

Camshaft torsional model validation, Advanced prototyping of car engine downsizing

The department test benches are equipped with OROS systems for dynamic measurements (vibrations, torsional, strain). The OR36 16 channel analyzer offers a reliable and accurate front-end plus narrow band, synchronous order analysis and torsional acquisitions for real-time and post processing analyses.

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OROS Software
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