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Structural Dynamics Analysis

Whatever the method , impact testing or shaker excitation, it is used in maintenance, prototype validation and mechanical design as well as field applications.

From Acquisition to the Result

Structural analysis is a powerful tool for understanding the behavior of industrial machinery and their supporting structures
Good structural analysis starts with good data. For that reason, all the tools for efficient and accurate acquisition have been integrated into our structural solutions.


Structural Acquisition

Coming with NVGate, the noise and vibration software platform, the FFT plug-in offers a comprehensive tool panel for FRF acquisition. Whatever the method used, impact testing (impact hammer testing) or shaker excitation, FRFs are confidently acquired >>>

Modal Analysis and ODS

An application-oriented software solution utilizing the most powerful analysis techniques with user friendly and intuitive interfaces and automatic procedures  >>>

Advanced Swept Sine

Determine Transfer Function or Frequency Response Function that are commonly used in various industries for Servo control, Structure, Acoustics, Electronics or Accelerometers calibration >>>

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