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Acoustics Analysis

Noise analysis; noise analyzer

  From Octave to Sound Power

OROS 3-Series portable analyzers provide accurate and comprehensive results from noise phenomena. Acoustic analysis and noise analysis can be performed simultaneously with other signal processing such as FFT, recorder, or order tracking.

1/n Octave Analysis

The 1/n Octave software module computes levels using constant percentage band filters. It complies with the IEC 61260 standard >>>

Overall Acoustics: Levels & Profiles

The OVA plug-in, a multi-channel sound level meter, extends the analyzers capabilities to a comprehensive acoustic measurement system >>>

Sound Power

The Sound Power software provides sound power determination in free field environments. It is ideal for test bench: indoor (laboratory anechoic environments) or outdoor >>>

Sound Intensity

The Sound Intensity software provides Sound Power determination following the point-by-point testing (ISO9614-1) or the scanning procedure (ISO9614-2). It is ideal for tests in the field >>>

Sound Quality

The OROS Sound Quality module is designed for sound evaluation and sound. This OROS software module is the ideal tool for psychoacoustic metrics determination and filtered playback. >>>


The Air and Underwater Holography solutions provide a precise, flexible acoustical imaging system based on Near-field Acoustical Holography (NAH). It is the ideal tool for sound source localization and quantification >>>

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