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Order Tracking Analysis


Order analysis and tracking techniques are essential in measurements with varying rotating speeds. Getting correct results from run-up/down requires specific signal processing techniques.

SOA Main Features

  1. Rotation synchronous levels (RMS, Min/Max, Pk-Pk, Crest factor)
  2. Up to 40 kHz bandwidth real-time analysis
  3. Time domain filters (A, C, Integrators)
  4. Adjustable keyphasor phase (edge/order 1)
  5. Angular correlation
  6. 1/32nd order resolution

Synchronous Order Analysis (SOA)

Provides stable and repeatable measurements for any speed-varying machinery. Using proven real-time angular resampling algorithms, SOA extracts amplitude and phase of orders; even from fast transients.

  • Up to 40 kHz real-time analysis
  • Order or angular domain averaging
  • Max order contribution search
  • Simultaneous order analysis on 2 shaft

Waterfall & Profiles

This specific plug-in collects and synchronizes all data coming from the analyzers data stack. Results are sorted based on a choice of references for the Z Axis (RPM, time and levels) and represented in 3D or profile views (Bode plots, cross-phase tracking, ...). Identifying the critical analysis item, such as speed, is then much easier as its effects are seen in different dimensions: order, frequency, octave. The section manager of the waterfall plug-in feature orders, overall, constant frequencies and spectra extraction in one click.


Constant Band Tracking

Helps the user acquire gearboxes’ modulated and often buried noise and vibration orders

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