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Structural Acquisition with NVGate (FFT)


With its dedicated structural mode, the FFT plug-in offers a comprehensive tool panel for FRF acquisition. Whatever the method used, impact testing with hammer or shaker excitation, FRFs are confidently acquired.
Check the validity of the acquisition thanks to different displays and their preview:

  • Frequency Response Function
  • Coherence
  • Trigger blocks
  • Averaged results


Main Features

  1. Excel based acquisition route and settings (Sequencer)
  2. Accept/reject after averaging FRFs & Coherence
  3. True Zoom on X-function up to 128 times
  4. 25 601 lines real-time results
  5. Time domain averaged X-functions
  6. Multi-mode generators: Sine, Swept, Step, Random, Multi-sine, Chirp, Wav
  7. Smooth change generators: Phase & amplitude ramps, emergency shut-down
  8. High resolution generators: 10 µHz from 100 µHz to 40 kHz
  9. Up to 320+ channels real-time acquisition (analysis + recording)


Impact testing

  • Adjust the settings using an appropriate weighted window if necessary: uniform, force/response, hanning…
  • Accept /reject the impact hammer measurement after validity checking
  • Hammer impact auto-range
  • Define the measurement sets in advance and use the node path sequencer to track all measurement points
  • The synchronous time domain averaging of impact signals allows acquiring the natural modes (FRFs, Coherence) of machinery without interrupting its operation (or any forced vibrations). This unique feature simplifies the natural resonance evaluation on diagnostic operations.

Shaker excitation with generators

For exciting a large structure, up to 6 shakers can receive signals  from the generator outputs of the analyzer. In order to fi t the wide  range of potential cases, a large series of excitation signal such  as swept sine, chirp, random, etc. can be simultaneously generated. Any channel can be set as the reference which generates a multiple reference FRF and cross spectrum matrix.


Large channel count

Large structures require a high number of input channels. Multiple OROS analyzers can be cascaded and distributed to increase the total channel count and measure up to 1000 channels. Thanks to the OROS Teamwork technology, instruments, conditioners and software licenses are exchangeable and flexible, as well as data which benefit from a native sharing technology.

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