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Overall Acoustics: Levels and Profiles


With an OROS 3-Series you get a multi-channel analyzer, so, why not turn your unit into a true multi-channel sound level meter?

Main Features

  1. Complies with the latest standards such as IEC 61672
  2. Runs 3 RMS and a true peak detector/channel
  3. Time filtering and weighting
  4. User selectable 3rd order 10 Hz high pass
  5. Long duration profi le memory (100,000 points/channel)

Overall Acoustics software module

The OVA plug-in complies with the latest sound level meters standards such as IEC 60-672. It runs 3 RMS and a peak detector on each input. The detectors feature time filtering and weighting. Overall levels can be tracked during days in the profiles memory.

OROS Software
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