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Tachometer Solutions

Field sensors and accessories for rotating speed sensing


In addition to their data acquisition inputs, OROS analyzers feature 2 (extendable to 6) inputs for trigger and top/rev purpose. Dedicated to accurate threshold and timing detection, the external synch inputs provide repeatable trigger date and jitter free RPM. The external synch performances dramatically enhance the Synchronous Order Analysis (SOA) and Synchronous Time Averaging (STA) methods.


OROS Tachometer Solutions are a range of sensors and accessories for applications such as RPM or phase measurement.
They are designed for field measurements and may be easily adapted to various types of rotating machinery. They fit well with OROS analyzers allowing them to be powered from the instrument.


Two main types of sensors are provided:

  1. TAC-O01 particularly suited for 1 pulse/rev signals. It is recommended for applications such as Order Analysis, Keyphazor® applications, phase reference, balancing and RPM measurements.
  2. TAC-O02 suited for multiple pulse/rev signals. It is often used for rotating speed fluctuations and cover torsional and twist applications based on multiple pulses/rev.

TAC-O01: RPM and Phase sensor

Main Features

  1. Optical sensor
  2. Conditioning, cables and accessories included
  3. Powered  by the analyzer
  4. Designed for the field
  5. Easy to mount
  6. 1 Top/rev sensor

General overview

TAC-O01 is a versatile optical tachometer probe. The probe detects rotation pulses using a reflective tape placed on the shaft under test. OROS 3-Series analyzers, or 100-240V mains can power it. Based on the captured pulse signal, the OROS analyzer achieves the RPM computation or any other type of analysis such as Order tracking or Synchronous time domain averaging (FFT).

  1. Flexible power management
  2. Practical mounting in the field

TAC-O02: Torsion & Twist sensor

Main Features

  1. Optical fiber sensor
  2. Accurate
  3. Conditioning, cables and accessories included
  4. Powered  by the analyzer
  5. Designed for the field
  6. Accurately mounted with the provided frame-        


General overview

On reciprocating machinery (diesel engine, pump) or any cyclic rotating devices (generator, compressor, transmission), the cause of vibrations often comes from the fluctuations of the angular speed. The analysis of the instantaneous angular speed inside each shaft revolution provides essential information. The common way to measure such instantaneous velocity is to install a black & white stripe or disk on the shaft as well as an accurate tachometer.
The TAC-O02, an interference-free and noncontact high speed optical fiber sensor providing up to to 50000 imp/sec from an optical fiber probe is the perfect tool for such as measurement.


  1. Torsion and Twist
  2. Flexible power management







Lockable mounting frames


Rugged, stiff and adjustable, these supports are the perfect accessories for accurate rotating speed measurement in industrial environments. Articulations are equipped with needle graduations which allow tightening without moving and then a better accuracy for positioning.

  1. Magnetic base

With a high-pull magnetic base and 2 magnetic surfaces, this type, thanks to its great rigidity, is able to work in difficult environments. Being the most common type of support, it can be used in the majority of cases.


Magnetic Base

  1. Clamp base
When surfaces are not conducive to magnetic frames due to oil, paint ... The clamp type is a good alternative. Easily installed, it provides a rigid and accurate support whatever the surface of the machine.

Clamp Base

Optical targets for Torsion&Twist probes


The product range for rotating speed measurements includes black & white adhesive back encoders. The manufacturing method of these encoders combines a very high black & white contrast with very high line quality even with 240 pulses per revolution. The adhesive backed encoder is very strong, washable and can be cut in order to suit various environments, especially hard condition. These encoders are available under two different shapes: striped or disked with several different dimensions.

A packaged system for the field


When going to the field or to the workshop it is key to be able to quickly grab the box with all its items included. Thus, there is no risk to forget a cable or piece of reflecting tape. 



For a detailed list of specifications, please download the Tachometer Solutions datasheet on myOROS (be first logged into myOROS or quickly create an account).

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