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Xpods, Plug and Play Signal Conditioning


The Xpod modules add signal conditioning to the OROS Teamwork analyzers in a smart and field operation driven design. These 8 channel conditioners can be added, removed and exchanged between the analyzers in a few seconds. Moreover, the lateral side clipping, leaves the BNC input connectors free to be used as classical ICP®/AC/DC/Float inputs.


  • Exchangeable between any OROS Teamwork analyzers
  • 5 sec docking time
  • BNC connectors still available
  • 8 inputs / modules > up to 32 channels
  • Rugged metal case
  • Monitoring LED on each channel

They are specifically adapted to mobile measurements with special transducers (temperature, strain, pressure, torque…)

XPods line: Bridge Conditioners


Wheatstone bridge conditioner handles any bridge-based transducers (strain, pressure, load, torque, force...).

  • Full, ½ and ¼ bridge
  • Automatic bridge balance (incl. in D-rec)
  • 120 Ω / 350 Ω built-in resistors
  • Continuous 0 to 10 V excitation voltage


XPods line: Temperature Conditioners


Temperature conditioner handles thermocouples and RTD transducers.

  • PT100, PT1000 and J, K, N, E, T
  • Integrated linearization
  • Automatic cold junction compensation
  • Standard fl at pin connectors





For a detailed list of specifications, please download the universal inputs and Xpod datasheet on myOROS (be first logged into myOROS or quickly create an account).

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