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Large Channel Count Systems

NetGate, the supervisor software for Large Channel Count Tests

The whole system is monitored and controlled by NetGate, the supervisor software, as easy as having a unique front-end.

NetGate provides clear, fluid and intuitive control/command operations through its multi-screen interface. Dedicated to noise and vibration analysis, VibeMaster brings up the renowned OROS analyzers accuracy, real-time capability and analysis modes in large channel requirements for both mobile or fixed test bench applications.



Recording and Real-Time Analysis up to 1000 channels

- Scalable supervisory test system for OROS analyzers

- 64 to 192 ch. racks:

  • Scalable
  • Cascadable
  • 100% local processing and storage

- NetGate, the supervisor software:

  • Manage all front-ends as a single one
  • Manage all results and signals form one PC
  • Multi-screen (up to 8) interface


Main Features

  • All channels synchronously sampled
  • Records and analyzes up to 40 kHz bandwidth
  • Accurate phase match (2° @ 20 kHz)
  • Acquisitions and analyses monitoring
  • Multi-analysis, Parallel recording, and instant Viewchannel™
  • Batch data download for large test sequences


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