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Performance & Reliability: Portable, Rugged & Accurate

Focusing on measurement quality and efficiency, OROS design takes care of every part of the hardware, preventing interferences from internal and external perturbations. It results in an instrument that provides, exact and perfectly reproducible results.

Specifications for Field Operations

Being portable is more than just a carrying case!

  • All inputs protected up to ±60 V
  • Internal battery
  • Aircraft cabin compatible carrying case
  • Double shielded chassis
  • Foolproof cooling inlets
  • Secured power supply connector
  • Switchless cascadable units
  • Bright LCD panel
  • Large and touchable operating buttons
  • Environment proof (Vibe, shock and temp)
  • BNC connectors
  • Ethernet (up to 100 m away)
  • Power supply: AC (100 to 240 V) / 50-60 Hz / DC (10 to 28 V)
  • Grounded or floating couplings


The Need for Real-Time

Every part of the signal may contain important signatures hidden by non real-time analyses.

Live synchronous order, 1/n octave and filtering are not possible without gap free analysis capability. Real-time analysis helps getting actual data on-line.


Thanks to this DPS-based architecture, OROS 3-Series analyzers provide the same measurement and analysis performance whatever the number of channels or bandwidths.


The same process applies with distributed units or large channel count. The local processing capability and data storage come natively with the additional inputs. This modular architecture guarantees valuable live results for all your applications, even the most demanding ones.

The Right Result at the Right Time

In regular PC-based test and analysis systems, the un-deterministic behavior of the operating systems may rapidly lead to loss of samples (not real-time) while the acquisition and analyses duty increases. Your test data integrity is not guaranteed.

OROS DSP-based architecture is designed to offer safe and powerful processing capabilities that allow getting the right data with certainty. With DSPs the amount of analyses is known before starting the acquisition.

OROS 3-Series analyzers run the real-time analysis exclusively with their DSP bank:

  • Scalable (1 to 8) computation DSPs for analyses (FFT, SOA, 1/n OCT...) on each systems
  • Distributed or large channel count with hundreds of processors running your data in parallel
  • ForceDSP that offers up to 10 time more horse power for demanding applications
  • A dedicated processor handling trigger, monitoring, generators and tachometers
  • A disk manager devoted to the true parallel raw data recording

The Best of Electronics for Metrology

The analyzer inputs must accurately read the transducer input signals.

They must be properly designed.


  • High dynamic range: 24 bits ∑Δ / 140 dB (130 typ.)
  • Wide voltage range: ±100 mV to ±40 V
  • Precise phase matching: < ±0.02° @ 20 kHz
  • Multiple frequencies: 2 sampling clocks 102.4 kS/s and 65.536 kS/s with sub-multiples
  • Accurate: < ±0.02 dB amplitude match
  • Stable: < ±0.1 mV offset drift
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