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Sound Quality

The OROS Sound Quality software module, The Psychoacoustics & Sound Design Software, is the ideal tool for psychoacoustic metrics determination and filtered playback.


Nowadays, with the evolution of comfort requirements and quality products demand, the feeling resulting from a product sound has become a key issue.
The OROS Sound Quality module is designed for sound evaluation and sound. This OROS software module is the ideal tool for psychoacoustic metrics determination and filtered playback.

Main Features

  1. Accurate and standardized psychoacoustic metrics determination
  2. Loudness according to Zwicker ISO 532B, Sharpness
  3. Tonality indicators: Tone to Noise, Prominence Ratio
  4. Modulated sound metrics: Fluctuation Strength, Roughness
  5. Articulation index
  6. Sound filtering and sound design capabilities
  7. Interactive filtering: Frequency & Order based
  8. Playlist management for fast & easy comparison
  9. Embedded platform data management: direct compatibility with the OROS range


A Common Data Platform

Signals can be recorded easily through the standard recording module on NVGate, the OROS Noise & Vibration software platform. The Sound Quality software module operates directly on these time signals. Calculated results are also saved directly in the global data management. No need to import or export files, making data management extremely efficient. Consequently the user benefits from all data management tools provided by the software platform: sorting, filtering, and reporting.

Psychoacoustic Metrics Determination

Based on OROS instruments recorded time signals, the main psychoacoustic metrics can be determined:

  1. loudness related indicators (Zwicker ISO 532B loudness, sharpness),
  2. tonality parameters (Prominence ratio, Tone to noise),
  3. modulation related parameters (Fluctuation strength, Roughness),
  4. articulation index.

Color-Spectrogram & Filtered Playback

Based on OROS portable analPlayback and listening of signals is achieved by displaying instantaneously the filtered color spectrogram of the signal. This makes the listening extremely visual letting the user combine the feeling of frequency content and time evolution.
The filters can be combination of frequency domain filters (Narrow band, Low pass, High pass, Band pass, or Band stop) or Order domain filters. The filtered signals can be listened through an interactive playlist. These playlists can be saved to provide an efficient process of comparison. The example picture on the side shows the effect of filtering order 3 which can be cleary felt during the playback.



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