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How to update NVGate keys?

If you change your NVGate version, or if you add a new option, you need to update your licences' keys.

Here after is the process to update your NVGate keys.

You should receive a .zip file with keys inside. Then you need to :


  • Extract the file.
  • Rename the file(s) from EncryptDongleKey_XXXX.txt to EncryptDongleKey_XXXX.bat and/or
  • Rename the file(s) from EncryptHardwareKey_XXXX.txt to EncryptHardwareKey_XXXX.bat
  • Copy the file(s) on the install directory of NVGate (next to NVGate.exe, by default C:\OROS\Programs\NVGate).
  • Plug your analyzer and dongle.
  • Launch the associated .bat  (you should see a dos window during around 1 second).


The keys are updated!


Question :


If you can't see the extension of the file on Windows Explorer : https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/865219


Any other question? Please contact the OROS Customer Care department.

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