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How to solve Ethernet connection issues?

This FAQ is only for OR34 and OR35 V1 and for OR36 and OR38 V1&2. The new generation of OROS instruments, Teamwork analyzers are not concerned by this question.

This chapter presents the adjustments to be made to ensure a good connection between the analyzer and the computer.

The analyzer must be connected to the computer via the blue Ethernet cable provided by OROS.


Check the NVGate connection windows

Start NVGate.

On NVGate connections windows, if the status is red, you will be able to solve the IP address issue by simply clicking on "generate Automatically". This will change automatically the analyzer IP address for one compatible with your PC.  




If this does not solve the issue, or if you still can not see the analyzer, you may not have all the administrator's rights (or you may have a strong antivirus/firewall) on your PC.

So the next things to do are :

Check the connection status with the environment program

Using the Windows "Start" menu, launch the "NVGate environment" program (NVGatecfg.exe) to evaluate the analyzer's connection status with your computer.



In the IP settings tab, press "Refresh" to evaluate the connection status of the analyzer.

The two green check marks visible in the figure above validate the connection and the Windows Firewall settings. If red crosses appear, please MODIFY your settings of the network card and the Windows firewall settings.


Configure the ethernet network card on PC

In case of issue, if IP setting is not green.

Most computers has only one network card. This card therefore is most often used to connect to an intranet or Internet network but also to the analyzer. While connections intra / internet require automatic IP addressing, it is best to use the analyzer fixed IP address like 223.255.253.XX.

The IP address of the computer's network card must have the same numbers as that other analyzer except the last two issues. By default the analyzer IP adress of analyzer is


To access the network adapter settings, browse the = Control Panel> Network and Internet => Network and Sharing Center.





Open Firewall port


In the case of NVgate environment Firewall settings is not green.

This means a Firewall blocks the access to your PC. The first advice is to  switch off your Antivirus (Norton, McAfee...) because you can have a firewall inside antivirus. If this solves the issue, you can say to your IT departement that you need to have the UDP port 700 and 701 pass through the firewall for having OROS analyzer working.


If this does not solve the issue, configure windows to have firewall windows open for port 700 and 701.

The 700 and 701 UDP ports must be open: Via the Control Panel => System and Security => Windows Firewall => Advanced settings, add a rule to open these ports.





Any other question? Please contact customer care.

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