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Error messages when starting NVGate

"Config File not found! "

This Means that the key configuration file (o_xxx.cfg for the office version, or h_xxxx.cfg connected to the version where" xxxx "is the dongle number) was not found on the install directory of NVGate.

So please install again the NVGate licence keys by followinf the process



"Unable to InitHard: You should restart the Hardware shoulds"

This means that NVGate may have been started with the analyzer  was not in a "SYSTEM OK" state. You have to reboot the hardware and try to restart the software. IF the problem is still not solved verify that the system is correctly pluggued to the PC and etehernet connection is ok. 


 "Invalid license number! "this can  followed by a number in square brackets: [i]

This number identifies the type of error precisely:

[1] No rainbow dongle connected and not connected to an analyzer : verify connection of the analyzer and re isntall the licences keys.

[2]: Date reached lapsed (for demo versions)

[3]: The PC was backdated, please verify the Hour and date of the PC and change it.

Any other question? Please contact the OROS Customer Care department.

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