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Underwater Holography

With more than 30 years’ experience in Navy applications, dBVision presents a precise, flexible Underwater Acoustical Imaging system with light and mobile equipment.



By applying Nearfield Acoustical Holography, finding out the acoustical hot spots, it is an efficient tool of the customer for acoustic signature management.

Main Features

The whole package includes

  1. Data Acquisition Processing/Analysis/Display software,
  2. and Array or Array Design Training

Scanning Array

The dBVision NAVY array can employ different design schemes according to the testing object and environment, such as in a pool or on dock, or ships in open water.
OROS can provide the array independently/corporately, along with offering training on the acoustical array design.


Main applications:


  • Submarine acoustic signature
  • Acoustic characterization of vessels machineries
  • Cabin noise inside vessel


dBVision Software Package

dBVISION NAVY, will perform all the computational work involved in the NAH ranging activities and is especially dedicated to:


  1. Configuring the acquisition system, monitoring real-time signal and storing pre-processed data


  • test definition, data management, acquisition setting and measurements monitoring
  • array setup and management
  • support various sensors, including hydrophone, microphone and accelerometer
  1. Performing basic and advanced data processing and analysis functions
  • HOLOGRAPHY - The method applied consists in reconstructing the vibrational components related to the source field from acoustic measurements, in using a back-propagation technique.


  • INTENSITY – Complementary mapping module of acoustic intensity still based on pressure measurements in the near-field.
  • FARFIELD – Far-field calculation module that provides representation of far-field pressure (normalized at convenience), expressed in different forms (pressure at one point, directivity mapping, etc).
  • DSC – Defective Sensor Correction functionality enhances the system capabilities to face possible adverse situation which might appear during the measurement process. In case one  (or possibly more) sensor becomes defective, then dBVISION NAVY automatically replaces the faulty values by interpolated ones coming from the information gathered on nearby sensors.

    1. Displaying results (spectra, colormaps, etc)
    • Spectra display in linear, logarithmic and octave formats
    • Color graphic display for pressure map
    • Report generation and data export.


    Data Acquisition

    Designing and manufacturing noise and vibration analyzers, from 2 to 32 channels, OROS provides the whole package for your application.


    The scope and functions of the data acquisition subsystem are to:

    • Acquire data from the array and reference sensors
    • Provide real-time indications of data quality
    • Store the processed data for subsequent detailed NAH analysis


    OROS 3-Series analyzers are the best choice:

    • 32 channels per unit, Teamwork cascade up to 1000+ channels
    • Maximum sample frequency 102.4 kHz
    • Accurate phase difference <±0.02° @ 20kHz

    OROS Software
    R&D, Acceptance, Diagnostics

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