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ICSV24 - Scientific Publication

ICSV24 - Scientific Publication

Published on 07/17/2017

The International Congress on Sound and Vibration (ICSV) is a leading event in the area of acoustics and vibration and provides an important opportunity for scientists and engineers to share their latest research results and exchange ideas on theories, technologies and applications in these fields.

OROS will present a scientific paper during next ISCV on 24th July at 12:00, room Park2: Design and Evaluation of Open Spherical Microphone Arrays.


  • Chaoran Du, OROS, France
  • Quentin Leclere, University of Lyon, INSA-Lyon, France
  • Baojiang Li, TStech, China

Abstract: Beamforming with a spherical microphone array has become an attractive tool for sound source localization in cabin environments. To provide a reliable localization solution with high performance, the first step is to optimize the array design. In this paper, the spatial resolution and dynamic range of an open spherical array with various microphone arrangements are evaluated, which are used as metrics for optimal array design. Several popular approaches for evenly distributing points on a sphere are investigated such that the array response is as isotropic as possible. In addition to the conventional beamforming, a state-of-the-art algorithm called functional beamforming is also implemented. The objective is twofold: first is to improve spatial resolution and dynamic range significantly; and second is to verify that array configurations have a consistent effect on localization performance, regardless of beamforming algorithms.

Subject area: T10 - Road and rail traffic noise and vibration
Session: T10 SS2 Vehicle noise, vibration and harshness


More information on the scientific publication, please contact us.

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