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NVGate 11 - GoToResults Release

NVGate 11 - GoToResults Release

Published on 04/09/2018






NVGate 11 is a major version of the OROS Teamwork instruments software platform. In addition to several other improvements, NVGate 11 offers a new user experience with the intuitive GoTo Results interface.

GoToResults is a simple, clear and efficient interface that dramatically reduces  setup time and clarifies  ongoing measurement.
It deals with the main noise and vibration measurement applications (impact hammering, order tracking, NVH waterfall, etc..) in a modern environment.
Experts/analysts can prepare measurements using models that include instructions and instrument setup, whilst final setup is completed on-site with the inputs, displays and save menu options.

Discover in detail how NVGate 11 can improve efficiency of your  noise and vibration  measurements (download by logging onto myOROS)
Contact your local dealer for an upgrade to NVGate V11.xx.

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