Sound power

Determine sound power with sound pressure level measurement or with sound intensity measurement.

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Heating and ventilation

. ISO 374X based
. Automatic indicators for test validation
. Background noise & reverberation
. Type 1 precision

Earth moving machinery

. ISO 6395
. One automatic report based for multisequence measurements
. 1/3 octave and overall levels

Components NAH sound power determination

. Near field Acoustic Holography  (NAH) based
. Robust to background noise

Automotive components quality testing

. Pressure based, Intensity
. High speed synchronous order analysis
. RPM related
. Automation for production testing
. Alternators, Turbocharger, Exhaust

Large electric systems

. Field testing
. Portable instrumentation
. Sound Intensity based (ISO 9614-1 or -2 based)
. Robust to background noise
. Large structures
. Transformers, Generators

OROS recommended solutions package

ISO 374x Sound power

ISO 9614 Sound intensity


OROS advantages

High-end metrology

  • DSP powered for type 1 measurements
  • Automatic microphone calibration tools

Ultimate efficiency

  • Dedicated interface
  • Real time results
  • Guided testing operation
  • Customizable and automatic report generation

Flexible tools

  • Flexible and easy to adapt to the situation
  • Portable instrumentation

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