Psychoacoustics & sound design

Psychoacoustic metrics determination and filtered playback for sound design

fr de cn

Interior sound design

Accessory motors

  • Interactive filtering of sound signals
  • Emerging sources detection and assesment

Consumer products

  • Loudness & sharpness
  • Tonality
  • Sound power
  • White goods
  • Heating and ventilation

Production testing

  • Programmable & dedicated interface
  • GO/NoGO

OROS recommended solutions package

Sound Quality Plus

Production testing

OROS advantages

Easy to use

  • Dedicated interface
  • Guided testing operation
  • Rugged for the field
  • Portable or large channel count

Powerful algorithm and tools

  • Hearing model based sound analysis & design
  • Interactive filtering and playlist
  • Customizable report generation

Flexible Tools