Solutions for aerospace industry Noise and Vibration test and analysis applications

Laboratory measurements, in-flight data acquisition, test centers, jet engine test: all-in one solutions to cover your noise and vibration tests. Acquisition, measurement , analysis and reporting in a comprehensive software suite with accurate and secured data

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Rotating Analysis

Jet Engines Test



Software Suite



  • Test bench toolkit NVDrive/Python
  • Multi displays monitoring


Helicopter Transmissions

Software Suite

Data Acquisition

In-Flight Recording

Fatigue Test

Structural Dynamic Analysis

Spacecraft Structure Test

Large channel count distributed systems

Components Structure Test

Impact hammer excitation

Noise Analysis

Cabin Noise

Large channel count distributed microphones powering

Sound Power

Up to 21 microphones one pass measurement

Customization: test bench toolkit NVDrive/Python

Source Localization


In-flight data acquisition

  • Aircraft/airport qualification
  • Helicopter/fighter retrofit
  • Cabin noise
  • Test center / test cell

Test center

  • Satellite & parts tests
  • Jet engine
  • Satellite & antenna

Aircraft - Helicopter

Satellite - Defense

  • Drone
  • Radar / Antenna
  • Spacecraft
  • Rocket

Aero Engines

  • Jet
  • Turbo propellers


  • Air conditioning
  • Coupling parts
  • Transmission
  • Power Generation

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Wireless Vibration Monitoring on Aircraft Engines
Vibration and dynamic strain gauge measurements, aero engine test bench
In-helicopter measurements