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Vibration diagnostics and condition monitoring solutions for Energy and Process industries

Noise and vibration testing solutions for diagnostics, troubleshooting, condition monitoring of turbines, compressors, reciprocating and electric machines

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Rotating analysis

Fluid film bearings

  • Orbit and shaft centerline for relative shaft vibration diagnostics
  • Turbomachinery vibration and rotordynamics solution, ORBIGate
  • Detection of oil whirl & whip, preload, misalignment, rub and others
  • Proximity probes

Torsional analysis


Roller bearings

  • Diagnostics toolset
  • Typical bearing frequencies detection (inner race…)
  • Envelope demodulation
  • Accelerometers’ acquisition

Gear analysis

  • Diagnostics toolset
  • Cepstrum, kurtosis and harmonic markers
  • Virtual tachometers (gear ratio based)

Reciprocating machines analysis

Electric motors

Electric excitations can be easily characterized (PWM, slotting…) thanks to the e-markers that highlight directly the right frequencies. On top of that, the spatiogram is a unique tool to quickly quantify the electromagnetic excitation distribution responsible of the vibrations. Finally, sound design allows to playback and listen the motor noise separating and designing the various sources (aerodynamical, mechanical and eletromagnetic).

Structural Dynamics Analysis

ODS (Operating Deflection Shape)

  • Machinery and piping system animation during operation
  • Machine train simplified geometry
  • ODS determine vibration sources,  transmission points and potential mechanical modifications

Blade Modal Testing

End Winding Bump Testing

Damping & Isolation

Noise Analysis

Octave & Sound Intensity Safety

Test Cells

Field testing

Remote monitoring

  • After installation follow-up
  • Random & unrepeatable phenomena

Turbines & Compressors

  • Gas and Steam Turbines
  • Pumps and Compressors
  • Hydro Turbines
  • Wind Turbines
  • Fans and Blowers

Reciprocating Machinery

  • Diesel and Gas Engines
  • Reciprocating Compressors

Electric Machines

  • Electric Motors
  • Power Generators

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Noise and vibration testing and analysis solutions for energy and process industries