Operating Deflection Shape – ODS

A powerful analysis to solve problems related to forced vibrations

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Engine acceptance

  • Machine foundation vibration transmission
  • Portable instrumentation
  • Marine acceptance

Machine trains

  • High bearing, frame and foundation vibrations
  • Time playback ODS
  • Frequency ODS
  • Runup and coast down
  • Resonance frequency detection
  • Diagnostics and troubleshooting

Vehicle deflection

  • Resonance frequencies detections
  • NVH assessment
  • Multichannel in-vehicle test

Piping ODS

  • Loose pipe detection
  • Portable and rugged instrumentation
  • Simple geometry creation
  • Multichannel acquisition

OROS recommended solutions package

Mobile ODS

Multichannel ODS

  • ODS software module
  • Guided integrated acquisition
  • Real time and post analysis
  • OR38 – 32 channels
  • Accelerometers

OROS advantages

Easy to use

  • Dedicated interface
  • Guided testing operation
  • Modal indicator function
  • Time or frequency ODS

All channels at once

  • Runup and coast down
  • Time ODS playback
  • Rugged for the field
  • Portable or large channel count

High end metrology

  • 24 bits: low noise, large dynamic
  • 40 kHz analysis bandwidth
  • Real-time acquisition

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