Building vibration

Building structural vibration and interior noise measurements solutions


Civil engineering monitoring

On bridge, telecom towers


  • Strain gage conditioners
  • Remote/standalone measurements
  • Embedded SSD
  • Made for the field instruments
  • Distributed instruments

Structural dynamics on tall buildings

Wind / earthquake resistance


  • Experimental and Operational Modal Analysis
  • Distributed instruments
  • Integrated Modal analysis software
  • High dynamic/high sensitivity
  • Forced / natural excitation

Floor / Ground vibration

On medical scanners, microelectronics factories


  • Portable & autonomous instruments
  • High dynamic/high sensitivity
  • Displacement/velocity from accelerometers
  • Real-time 1/3rd octave results

OROS recommended solutions package

Ultraportable, accurate and flexible system

Portable multi-analysis system

Structural dynamics and fatigue

OROS advantages


  • Portable/mobile instruments
  • Distributed instruments


  • Phase and amplitude accuracy

Easy measurements

  • Remote setup & measurement
  • Overlaid limits & live results
  • Native metadata management

We innovate & create with our customers

OMA on a highway bridge for model updating
Damage detection of civil infrastructure
OMA on a large span roof for structural health monitoring