Maintenance Repair Overhaul -MRO

Solutions to perform noise and vibration measurements for maintenance repair overhaul applications


Vibration limits check

Jet engine, gas turbine, power generator, gearbox pre/post overhaul


  • Multi-channels rackable instruments
  • Narrow band spectra frequency and order
  • Overlaid limits and live results
  • Automatic limits crossing detection
  • Automatic reports with Metadata


Multiplane Shaft Balancing, blade sorting


Noise limits check

Sound power, sound level meter


OROS recommended solutions package

Machinery vibration signature test

Noise limits measurement

Customizable instrument and software

  • NVDrive control/command instrument API
  • Python script

OROS advantages

High-end metrology

  • Multi-channels instruments
  • Phase and amplitude accuracy

Easy measurements

  • Real-time analysis & monitoring
  • Masks with crossing detection
  • Native metadata management

Open and customizable platform

  • Open control/command toolkit

We innovate & create with our customers

API 613 Gearbox factory acceptance tests using OR36