Monitoring: machine condition monitoring, permanent monitoring and temporary monitoring

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Monitoring & Diagnostics

Discover in this video how to monitor and diagnose your rotating machinery with only one system: live demo showing real scenarios to troubleshoot unbalance issue with trend analysis, and structural issues with advanced post-analysis.

Machine Condition Monitoring

Want to keep full control of your asset’s health at fingertips?

Performing long-term condition monitoring of the asset’s health allows your maintenance teams to capture pre-failure indicators, to detect faults at an early stage, and to plan cost-effective interventions, reducing costs and risk of unexpected outages. However, do you ever feel limitations in the diagnostics report offered by the consulting services? Do you have access to the data which is rich enough to allow a real diagnostic, even with paying extra charge?

OROS monitoring solution guarantees full control and complete ownership of your data and signals, stored in a remote or local database selected by you, and no extra fee for further diagnostics.

Temporary Monitoring

Getting tired of time-consuming and expensive trips for on-site commissioning or troubleshooting?

On the field, noise and vibration levels can often increase rapidly and unexpectedly. In particular, this may happen after a recent installation or a maintenance operation on a machine. To perform troubleshooting, vibration specialists need to stay on site, wait for the noise and vibration levels to exceed unacceptable limits and capture relevant time signals for analysis. However, this may take hours, days, or weeks, especially when unexpected transient phenomena occur.

With monitoring solution added to OROS comprehensive software suite, you can monitor and diagnose one or more machines simultaneously for a few weeks or months, remotely and comfortably from your office.