O4 – 4 channels USB Compact Analyzer

Focused on portability, accuracy, and ease of use, O4 is your ideal companion to face the challenges of noise and vibration testing.

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Webinar - How to succeed in noise and vibration testing even if you are new in this field?


Find out how to  capture frequency signatures in an easy way or to analyze vibration on rotating machine in this 30-minute webinar. Several live demo will be played based on 04, the latest USB compact and ultra portable analyzer, together with selected powerful software modules and ready-to-use models..

O4 - 4 channels USB compact noise and vibration analyzer

Plug & Play, Ultra portable, High-end metrology

Easy to use solution for everyone, even the inexperienced users can perform their testing efficiently. Our noise and vibration experts transform their best know-how into tools to make your daily tasks as simple as possible. It is fully equipped for all your needs: bump test, order tracking, balancing, modal analysis, octave analysis, test bench integration, factory acceptance tests, commissioning

Main Features

  • Plug & Play: data & power by PC via 1 USB cable


  • Ultra portable: 185x110x35 mm, 534 g


  • High-end metrology


– Accuracy: phase ±0.02°, amplitude ±0.02 dB

– 4 inputs, ±40 V, 24 bits, AC/DC/IEPE/TEDS/FLOAT

– 2 high speed Ext synch (trig/tach), oversampled 32.8 MHz, ±40 V

– 1 output

Pack overview

Focused on portability, accuracy, and ease of use, O4 packs includes the latest USB compact analyzer, selected powerful software modules, and ready-to-use models carefully prepared with OROS know-how accumulated over 40 years.


Our goal is to make it your ideal companion to face your daily testing challenges. Even an inexperienced user can perform reliable measurements and analysis with high efficiency.

O4 FFT pack

This frequency signature acquisition pack is ideal for general FFT analysis, bump test, modal analysis, ODS


The main ready-to-use models include:


  • Recorder & FFT: record time signals and display FFT spectra and overall levels simultaneously, ideal for primary frequency analysis on-site ​
  • Spectral signature: capture the eigen frequencies, ideal for blades sorting, Go/Nogo testing …
  • ODS: acquire signals for Operating Deflection Shapes (ODS) display
  • Modal: acquire FRFs and coherence between roving inputs and reference inputs for Modal analysis

O4 Rotating Pack

This rotating machine analysis pack is ideal for rotor balancing, FAT & commissioning, test bench integration, end-of-line production test


The main ready-to-use models include:


  • ISO 10816: overall levels complying with ISO 10816, ideal for monitoring machines according to the standard (levels in velocity)
  • Rotating machine signature: imbalance indicator (1X Bode plot), pk-pk levels, overall vibration, spectra, ideal for machine health evaluation
  • Single/Dual plane balancing: 1X magnitude & phase at steady state, ideal for rigid rotors balancing process
  • Multiplane balancing: 1X Bode plots for transient speeds, ideal for flexible rotors balancing process

How to do ISO 10816 evalutation with 5 clicks only? Choose O4!

All our software solutions are customizable to be integrated in your environment. Please contact our the OROS Customer Care Department and visit the customization services webpage.