Source localization

Source localization and sound mapping using sound intensity, NAH acoustic holography and TPA analysis

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Submarines & ships signature

. Cylindrical underwater holography
. Hydrophone based
. High spatial resolution
. Source ranking
. Far-field estimation

Automotive components

. ISO 9614-1 based
. Frequency dependent sound maps
. Holography
. Beamforming

Large machines diagnostics

. Fault diagnostics
. Robust to background noise
. ISO 9614-1 based
. Holography
. Beamforming

Sound transmission

. Leakages localization
. Source ranking
. Air NAH based

Transfer Path Analysis

. Source ranking
. Structure borne and airborne separation
. Large frequency range (Coherent and Energetic)
. Validation tools

OROS recommended solutions package

Sound Intensity



Comparison of the 3 sound source identification techniques

Download this powerpoint presentation (2MB) to find out what is the best solution for your need.

OROS advantages

High-end metrology

  • DSP powered for type 1 measurements
  • Automatic microphone calibration tools

Ultimate efficiency

  • Real-time results
  • Dedicated interface
  • Guided testing operation
  • Customizable and automatic report generation

Flexible tools

  • Flexible and easy to adapt to the situation
  • Portable instrumentation