Customization and automation

OROS Framework : A programmer level access

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For production and test bench applications, the operation of the measurement needs to be either semi or fully automated. On top of its turnkey solutions, Oros offers a large number of tools to open the programming access. This can be addressed based on all levels of programming expertise achieved by OROS users themselves, local partners or OROS teams.

OROS Framework : a developer automation Access

  • Simply implement your own solution: from a simple add-on to complete test benches, build your program that drives and gets results from the NVGate software platform in real time.


  • NVGate can be fully controlled using NVDrive, a TCP/IP API implemented in our softwares, allowing to set configuration, collect data and much more.


  • The documentation containing all commands allows you to implement NVDrive in any languages. A Python package, MATLAB examples and C++ code are provided, implementing NVDrive.

Reading measurement files

Measurement data can be read or created directly through the NVFileManager library.


A large number of languages can be used, such as Python or C++, and it allows you to post-analyze data from your own custom application, read a signal or access any created results such as spectra, bode, waterfalls.

Do it yourself or require our support

Whatever your programming skills you can be fully autonomous to achieve your project with or without our support.


If you need further assistance, OROS can achieve the full process and deliver you a turnkey solution. In this case it can be realized by OROS or by a local partner. For further information you can consult services/customization page or contact us.

An unlimited range of possibilities for the field

Customizing, automating and programming allow to make efficient repetitive Noise and Vibration measurements possible in environments where they wouldn’t: all this based on production adapted usage and based on very basic training. Among many possibilities here are some examples:


  • Custom application for automated turbocharger or crankshaft balancing


  • Repetitive bump test procedure on generator end-windings


  • Dedicated report automation for end of line test based on Go/NoGo masks


  • Custom application for signal file conversion


  • Optimization of acceptance test sequence for gas engine