Condition Monitoring

Monitor, Trend, Trigger, Alarm, Record, Analyze, and Diagnostics

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Monitoring Solution - continuous supervision of noise and vibration levels

How can you be alerted?

A rugged and portable multichannel system which operates stand-alone, sends alert notifications autonomously when advanced alarm conditions are triggered, and saves measurements and pre-trigger time signals to database selected by users, which can be accessed remotely for further analysis and diagnostics.


OROS Monitoring Solution continuously supervises the vibration and noise levels of your critical assets, notifying alerts autonomously when predetermined levels are exceeded and catching real-time high added value data on the spot.

It is a rugged and portable multichannel system which can be left onsite and operate standalone. No need for the vibration specialist to stay on site waiting for the levels to exceed unacceptable limits: the system sends alert notifications automatically, and the recorded measurements and pre-trigger time signals can be accessed remotely for further post-analysis.

OROS Monitoring Solution completes advantageously classical online protection systems that usually offer a limited access to data rich enough to allow a real diagnostics.

Main Features

  • Autonomous monitoring based on OROS rugged and portable instruments
  • Benefits of all NVGate processing capabilities for triggering, display, post analysis and data management
  • Operates standalone: power cut and restart management
  • From basic to advanced triggering conditions
  • Pre-trigger time domain signal recording remotely downloadable for further analysis
  • Advanced and flexible actions on alarms (notifications, save data and time signals, external applications …)
  • Automatic alert notifications for rapid countermeasures
  • Database and remote access to event log, trend, and measurement data for initial diagnostics at any time
  • Flexible storage capabilities, suitable for site with or without a network connection
  • Benefits of all OROS software suite for machinery analysis and diagnostics (ORD, Balancing, ORBIGate, Torsion …)


On the field, noise and vibration levels can often increase rapidly and unexpectedly. In particular, this may happen after a recent installation or a maintenance operation on a machine. At that stage the machine needs to be carefully monitored for a few weeks or months.

In addition, performing long-term monitoring of the asset’s health allows the maintenance team to capture pre-failure indicators, to detect abnormal machine behavior at an early stage, and to plan cost-effective interventions, reducing the risk and costs of unexpected outages.

Periodic data save for trending

The solution allows continuous recording of monitored parameters with a user-defined periodicity. These scalar indicators are saved as a trend, which can be displayed with different time ranges to assess the machine health. Trends of different indicators of the same or various machines can be easily compared, based on which experts can make the link between the operation status and machine response, in order to determine the root causes. Selected spectra and time signals can also be saved periodically for the purpose of trending and benchmarking.

Advanced and flexible actions on events

Multiple actions can be configured for each event. In addition to the email notification for rapid countermeasures, user can also be alerted by sound or alarming light. All the defined scalar indicators and spectra can be recorded at high data collection rate when an event is triggered, making a detailed analysis of the vibration behavior possible with the monitoring solution itself. If the saved data are not sufficient for diagnostics, user can always choose to save pre-trigger time signal as an event action, and perform post-analysis for a complete analysis. Furthermore, advanced or customized actions can also take place by launching external applications.

Database and remote access

All the data and the recorded time signals are stored by the monitoring system in any database selected by the user, and the remote access to the event log and measurement data is guaranteed at any time for surveillance and initial diagnostics. Data are saved locally during network interruption, and pushed to database when network is back. The database can also be installed locally if no network connection is available on site.

Data collected from multiple machines at different sites can be saved in the same database, enabling a global assets surveillance, and multiple users can access the database simultaneously without any license.

All our software solutions are customizable to be integrated in your environment. Please contact our the OROS Customer Care Department and visit the customization services webpage.