Machine tool fine tuning

Noise and vibration measurements solutions for cutting tools wear, spindle/tool-holders stiffness and machined surface quality optimization


Cutting tools wear

Replacement prognostics

Spindle/tool-holders stiffness

Improve cutting stability on lathe, milling, grinding machines tool

  • Experimental & Operational Modal analysis
  • High dynamic/high sensitivity
  • Forced/natural excitation

Machined surface quality optimization

Cutting speed adjustment

  • Displacement/velocity from accelerometers
  • µm/g frequency response functions (FRFs)
  • Synchronous time averaging to isolate machine signals from workshop
  • Cutpro™ compatibility

OROS recommended solutions package

Mobile data collector

Experimental / Operational Modal Analysis

OROS advantages

Portable/mobile instruments

High sensitivity/ high dynamic

Easy measurements

  • Remote setup & measurement
  • Native metadata management


Cut pro™ compatibility

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Impact testing and damper design to reduce cutting tools vibration